Sno Jets Ski Club ON-LINE Membership Registration and Payment

2016-2017 MEMBERSHIP DUES - Per person:
ANNUAL: $45 (Oct - Sept)
ANNUAL (OUT-OF-TOWN): $35 (50 miles or more from downtown Colorado Springs)

Membership Entitlements:
- Participation in all club events - Your social life planned out for you!
- Access to Sno Jets Yahoo distribution emails
- Ability to receive up-to-date information/changes on all social events
- Ability to post emails to Sno Jets Yahoo group (see club guidelines)
- Advance reservation opportunity for Ski Trip/Sanctioned Events
- Member directory
- Ability to vote in Member elections - annual elections held in March
- Free admission to the Spring into Summer Party - May/June ($10 non-member fee)
- Free admission to Annual Membership Party - Oct ($10 non-member fee)
- Ability to obtain Board sponsorship for sanctioned events

* * * Membership dues are non-refundable * * *

Please register in the membership database - fill out registration form below. Once registered you will receive an email from Check your spam folder if you don't see it in your inbox.

If you want to pay by credit card be sure to click on the “Pay Online” button on the final sign-up confirmation screen. You will then be taken to a secure site to enter your credit card data.

To pay by check - fill out registration form below and then mail check made out to “Sno Jets” to:
    Anne Andres-Junge
    7025 Sproul Lane
    Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Instructions for Registration Form:
1. Select the membership type from the pull-down menu
2. Fill out the form replacing existing text (showing the format required) with YOUR information
3. It is required to enter your full name when signing up for membership, so please make sure
   you enter your first and last name in the appropriate boxes
4. Erase text in any field you don’t wish to submit
   NOTE: Data entered on this registration form will be posted in the annual membership directory
   available publically to all Sno Jets members.
5. Check box acknowledging that have read the release statement and that you are over 21 years old
6. Select Submit or Reset
7. Verify registration data on verification page
8. If desired, select Pay On-line to pay membership via credit card

RELEASE: I recognize that certain risks and dangers of injuries and loss exist in any organized activity, and I assume full responsibility for such matters. Accordingly, I hereby release, acquit, and fully discharge all persons organizing, providing equipment, or otherwise participating in scheduled Sno Jets activities, of any and all liability for losses, damages, or injuries that I may suffer in the course of, or resulting from, my participation in any Sno Jets activity. This release and discharge shall be binding upon myself, my heirs, and my personal representative. By clicking the “Submit” button on this page I agree to and accept these terms and conditions, and certify that all information submitted is truthful and accurate.
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