From skiing & snowbikes to rafting & pig roasts, the Sno Jets do it all!
The Sno Jets are a diverse group of singles and married couples who enjoy life too much to sit still for very long—unless it’s on a bike seat, in a canoe or maybe on the ski lift up the mountain.
With hundreds of members, we host a range of activities, events and entertainment that encompasses all seasons and almost every interest you can imagine.
For example, winter activities most often center around Colorado’s spectacular ski resorts. And while we love our skis and snowboards, a number of members also snowbike, snowshoe, ride snowmobiles and ski cross country. After hours, there’s nothing like recounting the day’s events around a blazing fire, in a bubbling hot tub, over a great meal or during the ride home.
And every winter, we host our annual A-Basin Beach Party, complete with a slope-side barbeque. Pack your lawn chair, a Hawaiian shirt that fits over your parka, and a poker to enjoy hot graham cracker s’mores over the fire pit between ski runs and human bowling events.

Join our race team and enjoy discounted lift tickets and friendly competition. Or participate in our annual Chicken Race, which includes every word play, joke and head gear related to chickens that you can imagine—including a tasty chicken dinner after the event.
Then there’s our annual broomball game and winter festival. Ask our more experienced players which type of pillow works best for your bottom…and which brooms provide a distinct advantage on the ice. Then, pass the hot chocolate, the Irish coffee and a few tall tales while sharing good times with some great company.

And last but not least, there are our weekly meetings from October to April which not only provide opportunities for socializing with other SnoJets, but also provide entertaining programs including games, exercises geared towards getting in shape for skiing, any number of interesting topics, mixers, and of course, programs about skiing!

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Click here to see The Sno Jets in action on Snowbikes! (Video compliments of Craig Carroll)

Click here to see "Cookin' wif Cleetus" skit performed at a recent meeting. (Video compliments of the Sollenbergers)
Click here to see The Sno Jets on Snowbikes at Winter Park/Mary Jane. (Video compliments of Craig Carroll)
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