Sno Jets Classifieds
Have you outgrown some skis you’d like to pass on to someone else who can use them? Maybe you have a car you’d rather sell than let the dealer lowball you on a trade-in? Or perhaps you have a condo reservation you can’t use and want your Sno Jets friends to take advantage of it? These classifieds are the place to sell your extra equipment, household goods, lodging, lift tickets and anything else you think other club members may be interested in purchasing. Paid Sno Jets members may run up to 3 lines of copy for an entire month at no charge. The only restriction is that you may not advertise your business or any other commercial venture on this page. This venue is strictly for selling personal property or lodging that you do not own. Please see the Business Exchange page for ads regarding personally owned rental property, professional services and any other commercially oriented offering. NOTE: All ads begin on the first of the month and are subject to board approval before publication. Click here to e-mail the webmaster for more info on where to send your ad copy. Please also make sure to include “Sno Jets Classified” in the subject line.